Renaming a street of Kharkiv in honor of one of the outstanding Shevchenko people

On October 30, at 2pm a solemn opening of a memorial plaque in honor of Speyer Oleksandr P. was held.

We thank everyone who participated in this important event for the Shevchenko people!

Speyer Oleksandr P. (1938-2006) – Honored Citizen of Kharkiv, Honored Machine-builder of Ukraine.

His work activities were connected with the SE “Kharkiv Instrument-Making Plant named after. T. H. Shevchenko”. He began working as an assistant instructor in 1960 and became the director of the plant in 1995.

All life of Oleksandr P. was connected with our city and our enterprise.

In 2018, in October, he would be 80 years old, therefore, in his honor, the decision of the Kharkiv City Council approved the renaming of the “Textile” street to the street “Named after O. P. Speyer”.

We, Shevchenko people, remember everyone who worked at the plant named after T. H. Shevchenko and appreciate the contribution of each employee in the development and establishment of our enterprise.

We also thank everyone who is working with us now!

Together, we make Ukraine strong!

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